Monday, September 13, 2004


Human Trafficking

Trafficking is the act of recruitment, transportation, harboring or receipt of persons. It also uses force or coercion, with or without consent of the victim and its purpose is for subsequent exploitation. Subsequent exploitation considers slavery, forced labor, prostitution, mail order brides, debt bondage, pedophilia, pornography, child labor and removal / sale of organs. These aspects are facts. And women are abused and exploited by these aspects to begin with.
Globalization they say brings good effects to the people and to the economy of every state in the world. But also, globalization promotes violence. And violence includes trafficking. It is definitely against human rights. Primarily because, it was defined as transportation with exploitation. And exploitation itself is violence and abuses human rights. Human trafficking is one of the major problems of our country. It may be inconspicuous to the others specifically to the higher and middle class society because they don’t experience poverty in the first place. But it is very visible and apparent to those experiences poverty, the lower class or the poor ones.
Woman was likely compared and weighed to a chicken. Which they say, is one of the favorites of the majority yet it is plausibly abused. Abused by trafficking. Women can be embellish and garnish like the chicken to attract more people and customers. This is one of the procedures done before trafficking. I must say, that some of us are not aware of this but this was proven, and it is reality. Victims that were shown in the film are heart-rending which deserves sympathy. They were fooled and were easily attracted by the abusive people. Primarily because, easy-money is always been absorbing. Women had experienced exploitation but are terrified to return in their families because they were scared of the consequences that may result in.
Women must be taken care of, because they play a major role in our society and women are very productive. But some just refuse to give credit and just disregard the essence and capacity of a woman. Women are traditionally treated as housewives, battered, and the one who must experience emotionally and physically sacrifices to retain the success of its family. Which is very wrong and unfair to begin with. Men and women must be treated equally to prevent exploitation and acts of abusiveness.
Poverty promotes violence and violence promotes burden especially to women. As a diplomatic student, I believe that human beings who were treated badly deserve justice. So, there must be a firm and strong sanction against trafficking. Because trafficking is very immoral. I, as a woman, deserves success in life, care from other and not abusiveness.

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