Sunday, May 29, 2005

I Aint A Superstar But God Still Loves Me

Who are you?

Are you the best student in your class or the most outstanding employee in your company? How about the most valuable player in your team or the most famous person in your neighborhood? The “crush ng bayan” in your school, or the coolest in your barkada? Are you the highest paid actor in showbiz or the most in demand person in industry? How about the person who has the most number of achievements in life? Are you the president or the most influential person in your state? Do you have the biggest house in your village or one of the richest people in your community? How about the sexiest in your club or the hottest in your group? Do you have the best thesis in your batch or do you have the best talent in the world?

If not, do you envy them?

Are you jealous of those who have the best in their lives or the most blah blah blah in the society?

I do sometimes and who doesn’t?

But who cares……… He still loves me……

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ang Hirap Mag-Pigil

Naranasan mo na bang magpigil ng tawa dahil baka mapagalitan ka o di kaya’y wala sa lugar ang pagtawa mo pero sa loob-loob mo ay humahalakhak ka na?

E ang umiyak ng tahimik kahit sa loob-loob mo e humahagulgol ka na?

Paano pa ang magpigil kumain kahit gutom na gutom na gutom ka na?

Ang magpigil ng utot kahit utot na utot ka na talaga…

Ang pag-pigil ng ihi kahit nararamdaman mong, lalabas na…

E ang magpigil ng tae? (syet ang hirap non…)

Ang magpigil magsindi ng yosi kahit yosing-yosi ka na..

Ang magpigil bumili ng luho dahil baka maubusan ka ng pera..

Paano ang magpigil sumagot sa nanay mo kahit hirap-na-hirap ka na?

E ang magpigil ng antok kahit nananaginip ka nap ala talaga…

Ang hirap mag pigil noh? Kahit konting-konti na lang ay…. sasabog ka na…

Monday, May 16, 2005

Taxi Driver

When the topic “Taxi” was given to me, all the possible issues about it came up and, guess what? All of them are mostly, negative. Taxi drivers are rude, taxi is a comfortable transportation to ride but the fare will eat up your budget. Things like these just keep on bombarding to my head. Then one of my friends told me that his father is a taxi driver…

Taxi driver demands absurd price. “You can’t blame them actually..” That’s what my friend told me. The oil price increases from time to time, the traffic is everywhere and the offensive police officers are fond to ask for their money to disregard violations (even though the drivers didn’t violated anything at all) of the drivers. Taxi has the meter that measures the price of the fare. The fare will usually depend on the meter but unfortunately, it won’t happen anymore.

How would you feel when you just earned P200 a day? The stress, sweat and effort of a driver won’t be satisfied by such amount of money. Worth it? No, I don’t think so. How about going home without earnings at all? Three liters for a hundred, P100-500 for the offensive officers or what we call “kotongan”, and the food he’ll eat for the whole day, plus the maintenance of the taxi and all. Taxi is like a mini-hotel that must be maintained for the sake of the passengers. The expense of which is……. never mind. How about the hold-uppers that will take all of the driver’s money, how about that?

Being a taxi driver is a very tough job. Maybe, if given the chance, driving a taxi would never be an option to them. But poverty pushes them to do such job. Asking for a higher fare from the passengers would give them additional earnings at the end of the day. What can they do? How can they sustain the needs of their family with 200 pesos? Maybe, we see them as not good people because of their demands in terms of price, but how about seeing them at the end of the day going home late, exhausted and bringing a little amount of money to their families and wonders………

How’s my job doing with my life lately?

Friday, May 13, 2005

Christian-Muslim Relations

While reading the newspaper, the Christian-Muslim Relations article caught my attention.

“The conflicts between Christians and Muslims have been going on long enough. It is time for us to move toward the path of peace and learn from the past.” –

The Christians and Muslims in the Philippines have conflict for the longest time. Resolutions were indicated, passed and tried by the authorities but these were never successful. Never… right? Generations have changed but the conflict has been visible and even worsened. Muslims in Mindanao were branded as terrorists and threats of our society. “Muslims in general, are threats.” Our society is brainwashed by this conviction. We see them as bad people but we don’t even know them really well. Or I must say, we don’t know them at all and vise versa. In other words, we don’t know each other but we keep on accusing issues to everyone. Maybe, that’s the main reason why such conflict keeps on worsening. Someone said that this conflict is rooted on ancestral lands and economic deprivation of the Muslims and the solutions for this has been very elusive. But the reasons of the conflict have been changing.

Why do the Muslims in Mindanao want to separate from the state? Why do they keep on striving to dominate the society? Why are they so rebellious? “Opposite attracts” they say but it was never true for this case. When you encounter a Muslim, you’d probably be frightened because you were brought up to be frightened by them. But when a Christian comes to you, it’s better huh? Muslims are not the enemy of the Christians and vice versa, the false ego, poverty, crime and corruption that are the enemies of both religions.

I firmly believe that the Muslims have different beliefs from the Christians; they have different perspectives and practices from the Christians. But we love one God, we are the same. These two religions differ for some aspects but these differences must develop respect for each other. Respect would ease the tension of the conflict, don’t you think? Also, Media should stop for being biased because from this, such channeling of communication becomes an instrument to hinder peace amongst Filipinos.

We cannot be divided forever; we must be united for the sake of our country. The distinction of these religions must never be the cause of the separation of the Muslims from us.

We love one God, we are Filipinos, we are… the same.

Monday, May 09, 2005

My Bestfriend

How many friends do you have? How many acquaintances have you encountered lately? A dozen? Hundreds? Thousands? Yes, that’s right, thousands! But how many true friends did you get from those thousand friends?

A true friend possesses love and care that build such concern for someone. She worries when you’re down; she lends her shoulder when you need it; she scolds you when you’re wrong; she appreciates your beauty, she supports your dreams, and even tries to understand your mistakes. In other words, she’s there for you no matter what. Even though her time won’t fit for you, she’ll let you feel that she cares.

I’ll never forget the time when we had a little misunderstanding and we ended up crying together. And how can I forget our trippings that bond us more… The friendship that we built for the longest time. The “bad trips” that we handled in our life, the break-ups with our boyfriends and the crying moments that we’ve shared…. The surprise party that she gave for me… (oh that was soooooooooo sweet. )

I appreciate her for everything she does for me, even though I don’t tell it to her, I hope she feels how much I value her. I love her for everything. Maybe, there are lots, dozen, hundred, thousand friends that I got and will meet in my life, but she will always be my best friend in the world. =)

She? Yes… she. My best friend, Soleil. =)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tama ba yun?

Naranasan mo na bang makipag talastasan tapos akala mo lagi kang tama? Hanggang sa maisip mo na, “teka… oo nga noh! Tama siya..” Naranasan mo na bang makipag-away sa nanay mo, na konti na lang iiyak ka na dahil gusto mong ilabas ung nararamdaman mo dahil tama ka pero ayaw ka niyang pakinggan? Naranasan mo na bang makipag-talo sa teacher mo at nag walk out ka na lang bigla kasi napag-isip mong, hindi ka naman niya pinapakinggan. E ang makipag-away sa boyfriend/girlfriend mo tapos kahit mali ka, sige ka pa din.. lumalaban. Naranasan mo na bang pumatol sa bata kahit alam mong mali ka? E ang sumagot sa nakakatanda kahit nagiging bastos ka na?

Minsan kahit mali ka, nagbubulag-bulagan ka at pinagpipilitan mo pa din na ikaw ang tama. Minsan naman, mali siya pero kahit anong eksplika mo e ikaw pa din ang talo.

… tama ba un?