Monday, May 16, 2005

Taxi Driver

When the topic “Taxi” was given to me, all the possible issues about it came up and, guess what? All of them are mostly, negative. Taxi drivers are rude, taxi is a comfortable transportation to ride but the fare will eat up your budget. Things like these just keep on bombarding to my head. Then one of my friends told me that his father is a taxi driver…

Taxi driver demands absurd price. “You can’t blame them actually..” That’s what my friend told me. The oil price increases from time to time, the traffic is everywhere and the offensive police officers are fond to ask for their money to disregard violations (even though the drivers didn’t violated anything at all) of the drivers. Taxi has the meter that measures the price of the fare. The fare will usually depend on the meter but unfortunately, it won’t happen anymore.

How would you feel when you just earned P200 a day? The stress, sweat and effort of a driver won’t be satisfied by such amount of money. Worth it? No, I don’t think so. How about going home without earnings at all? Three liters for a hundred, P100-500 for the offensive officers or what we call “kotongan”, and the food he’ll eat for the whole day, plus the maintenance of the taxi and all. Taxi is like a mini-hotel that must be maintained for the sake of the passengers. The expense of which is……. never mind. How about the hold-uppers that will take all of the driver’s money, how about that?

Being a taxi driver is a very tough job. Maybe, if given the chance, driving a taxi would never be an option to them. But poverty pushes them to do such job. Asking for a higher fare from the passengers would give them additional earnings at the end of the day. What can they do? How can they sustain the needs of their family with 200 pesos? Maybe, we see them as not good people because of their demands in terms of price, but how about seeing them at the end of the day going home late, exhausted and bringing a little amount of money to their families and wonders………

How’s my job doing with my life lately?

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