Friday, May 13, 2005

Christian-Muslim Relations

While reading the newspaper, the Christian-Muslim Relations article caught my attention.

“The conflicts between Christians and Muslims have been going on long enough. It is time for us to move toward the path of peace and learn from the past.” –

The Christians and Muslims in the Philippines have conflict for the longest time. Resolutions were indicated, passed and tried by the authorities but these were never successful. Never… right? Generations have changed but the conflict has been visible and even worsened. Muslims in Mindanao were branded as terrorists and threats of our society. “Muslims in general, are threats.” Our society is brainwashed by this conviction. We see them as bad people but we don’t even know them really well. Or I must say, we don’t know them at all and vise versa. In other words, we don’t know each other but we keep on accusing issues to everyone. Maybe, that’s the main reason why such conflict keeps on worsening. Someone said that this conflict is rooted on ancestral lands and economic deprivation of the Muslims and the solutions for this has been very elusive. But the reasons of the conflict have been changing.

Why do the Muslims in Mindanao want to separate from the state? Why do they keep on striving to dominate the society? Why are they so rebellious? “Opposite attracts” they say but it was never true for this case. When you encounter a Muslim, you’d probably be frightened because you were brought up to be frightened by them. But when a Christian comes to you, it’s better huh? Muslims are not the enemy of the Christians and vice versa, the false ego, poverty, crime and corruption that are the enemies of both religions.

I firmly believe that the Muslims have different beliefs from the Christians; they have different perspectives and practices from the Christians. But we love one God, we are the same. These two religions differ for some aspects but these differences must develop respect for each other. Respect would ease the tension of the conflict, don’t you think? Also, Media should stop for being biased because from this, such channeling of communication becomes an instrument to hinder peace amongst Filipinos.

We cannot be divided forever; we must be united for the sake of our country. The distinction of these religions must never be the cause of the separation of the Muslims from us.

We love one God, we are Filipinos, we are… the same.

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Q_nurse said...

i support this post.. i agree that conflict has been going far too long.

conflicts will be resolved years and years from now.. but we, ourselves should move steps to move closer to the answer.