Monday, May 09, 2005

My Bestfriend

How many friends do you have? How many acquaintances have you encountered lately? A dozen? Hundreds? Thousands? Yes, that’s right, thousands! But how many true friends did you get from those thousand friends?

A true friend possesses love and care that build such concern for someone. She worries when you’re down; she lends her shoulder when you need it; she scolds you when you’re wrong; she appreciates your beauty, she supports your dreams, and even tries to understand your mistakes. In other words, she’s there for you no matter what. Even though her time won’t fit for you, she’ll let you feel that she cares.

I’ll never forget the time when we had a little misunderstanding and we ended up crying together. And how can I forget our trippings that bond us more… The friendship that we built for the longest time. The “bad trips” that we handled in our life, the break-ups with our boyfriends and the crying moments that we’ve shared…. The surprise party that she gave for me… (oh that was soooooooooo sweet. )

I appreciate her for everything she does for me, even though I don’t tell it to her, I hope she feels how much I value her. I love her for everything. Maybe, there are lots, dozen, hundred, thousand friends that I got and will meet in my life, but she will always be my best friend in the world. =)

She? Yes… she. My best friend, Soleil. =)


keloyd said...

wow keysi!!! nakatungtung ka lang ng tate eh spokning england ka na! kep ap da god wurk!

soleil said...
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soleil said...

eh vest.. na touch ako =) gimme som tisyow. e kaw din naman vest ko 4realz eh =) lav yu vest

Anonymous said...

elo! great! indeed friends lift our spirit no one else can..