Sunday, May 29, 2005

I Aint A Superstar But God Still Loves Me

Who are you?

Are you the best student in your class or the most outstanding employee in your company? How about the most valuable player in your team or the most famous person in your neighborhood? The “crush ng bayan” in your school, or the coolest in your barkada? Are you the highest paid actor in showbiz or the most in demand person in industry? How about the person who has the most number of achievements in life? Are you the president or the most influential person in your state? Do you have the biggest house in your village or one of the richest people in your community? How about the sexiest in your club or the hottest in your group? Do you have the best thesis in your batch or do you have the best talent in the world?

If not, do you envy them?

Are you jealous of those who have the best in their lives or the most blah blah blah in the society?

I do sometimes and who doesn’t?

But who cares……… He still loves me……

1 comment:

Caloi said...

Nice chong.. really nice... simple but very powerful.. Bilib ako sau! :)