Wednesday, April 26, 2006


It’s Saturday evening and I chose to stay home and watch TV. I know I’ll get bored with watching TV but this movie changed my mood for the night. It’s all about planning your life ahead, losing your dream and letting go the things that were not meant for you. I have this feeling that I was planned to stay home and watch that movie for me to realize a lot of things that I don’t understand personally. It was a happy-ending story but I ended up crying. I cried because I felt the emotion of the lead character. I cried because I felt that my life was a bit similar to Stacey’s. I cried because I was moved.

I’m turning 21 this August, I graduated last year, I got a job a month later and now I have my own savings in my account. I’m single but not searching at the moment. I don’t know if I’m in the right path but I’m pretty sure that I’m still stable. I am looking forward for a better opportunity someday and I know that I should strive harder to get it.

Early this year, I’ve been in a transition stage of my life. God really challenged my strength and I must say that it was very arduous and all. I went through volatility. Beer again became my best bud as well as my other vices. I must say that, that was the hardest part of my story. However, He still helped me to survive. He gave me everything I needed, except one thing that I know was really not for me. I then learned that my whole life, I was just preparing myself for the best. Mistakes, rough moments that I underwent were all meant for me. The times that I thought it was the end of the world and all. The times that I thought I was the saddest person on earth. Those were the times that I thought I had to cry because the best thing I wanted is gone. But as a matter of fact, the best thing is just on its way.

Ironically, I even wanted to thank my boss for scolding me one time because that pushed me to work harder. Work harder means more money. Yahey! Ahahahaha!!

Someone asked me if what’s my top most priority at the moment. I said career. Yes, that’s right. I want to make more money for my future. And with that, I can pay somebody to make me happy. *wink