Monday, January 26, 2009

25 random things about me

something to do.. hehe!

1) I can use the computer the whole day.
2) I love music. I dance, I sing in the shower =)
3) I don't have a talent but I'm a frustrated writer.
4) If I have the means, I will travel around the world with my best friend/s.
5) I am not a "showy" person.
6) I hate rejections, I really can't stand it.
7) I have Bipolar Disorder, my emotional episodes are intense or severe mood swings. You
can google it.
8) I find technology very interesting.
9) I believe that trust doesn’t have a second chance.
10) I love spicy food and fried chicken
11) I have countless friends but I still feel lonely at times.
12) I have a strong faith in God. He is my “Superfriend.”
13) I’m not good in numbers.
14) My comfy attire: Polo shirt, jeans, flip flops.
15) I hate summer.
16) I love it when it rains in the morning.
17) I am very fond of babies.
18) I look at things differently.
19) I am not a morning person
20) I forgive but I don’t forget.
21) I bully my favorite people; it’s my own way of “lambing”
22) I hate yellow.
23) I want to die young.
24) I miss my past… I reminisce a lot.
25) I am influential.

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