Monday, June 06, 2005

Bon Mot

I went to PowerBooks one time and I’ve realized that I already read all the books of Bob Ong. He was so funny yet intelligent, he’s genius and I adore him for that! But I can’t wait any longer for his new book to come and so I thought of trying Jessica Zafra’s work. She writes well but I can’t finish her book right away and I don’t know why. I envy her talent in writing, her idiomatic and unusual terms that she used in her articles… She’s just too smart and I can’t even absorb some of her emotions.

The introduction of her book that I bought was very catchy. “A certain age, we think everything is serious. A little older and we think nothing is. And then we think we’ve learned to discriminate. When we get to middle age, we realize that everything is funny.” “That’s the thing about being a human being: you just have to go on living..
*shiet!* That’s something………

When you’re too serious about something, you focus you contemplate you ponder you deliberate. Knowing that you might fail in the end but you still dare to continue; conscious of your weaknesses but you still have the guts to go on; facing all the possible risks in your way without even closing your fragile eyes. And when the final day comes, the result wasn’t that good enough for your expectations. You cry, you curse and then you cry again. Days, weeks, months and years pass… and you still remember everything. You can’t cry anymore but you still curse (that was !@$%@ horrible!) then you start to laugh…laughing yourself out while cursing (again). Drooling into your stupid hangovers and making jokes about it. Then you fell asleep……… The next thing you realize that it’s your birthday and you have to buy food for your party tonight. You had those experiences that were seriously faced, expectations that were seriously demanded, but in the end you came to know that these were waggish.. you’ve learned how to laugh… bon mot, jokes that were seriously realized.

Wait.. that was funny.. ahahaha!

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Kalowee said...

first of all I want to commend you for the great entries youve written. Galing mo magsulat chong..
So true tlga what you have just said and what Ms. Zafra said. We exist in this world because someone has to live life. No matter what shit happens we continue living. No matter how weird reactions of each person may be, we still walk on each paths and we go on living. Masakit minsan ang buhay pero kailangan kayanin.. haaaayyyy...
Another great entry from u! Beri gud!