Saturday, February 12, 2005


While reading my articles.. I noticed that I haven’t written anything about love. Maybe I’m not that mushy that I don’t seem to express the feeling of such. Love? Yes love. Love for your family, for your best friend, for your pet, for your grandparents, for your pamangkin, for your apo and love for your somewhat called…“special someone.”

Loving someone makes me healthier. Loving voluntary, without hesitations and vacillation. The somewhat called unconditional love, ironic yet pulls you to give in. Sometimes it gives you head aches and heart aches but you just keep on loving. Giving without anything in return, kissing and hugging for nothing. Being so exhausted for the whole day, having a bad day, never been better then someone just kisses you at the end of the day. Don’t you just love it?

Magically exists but never been visible. Sometimes when your head wonders why you love him/her… You just say uhm… like nothing? Nothing at all. Why of all the people, why him/her? Then suddenly you just smiled and geeez.. you’re inlove!

Calling him/her just to say I love you or I miss you. Making him/her special as if he’s/she’s the center of your universe. Being there and ever supportive just for the simple reason that you love.

Does anyone force you to love anyway? Well, you cannot force love for it comes unexpectedly. Love develops and grows… indeed. When you love your mom or dad, does anyone tell you to love them or does anyone oblige you to care for them? Nobody! When you suddenly realize that you love your pamangkin that you want to be with him/her everyday. When you want to take care of her/him because you just wanted to. When you hug you best friend every time she/he cries. When you go to your boyfriend/girlfriend’s house because you missed him/her. When you hold his/her hand, kiss her and fix her/his hair. When you give your special someone something for the thought of giving. When you make breakfast for your lolo/lola. When you kiss that special someone while she’s/he’s asleep. When you just want to express your love for the thought of expressing it. Don’t you just love it?

Sometimes I wonder, why do I still love even if it just gives me heartaches? Why do I still give in when I know that it’s not worthy? Why do I still love my parents even if they scold me and hate me. Why do I still love my annoying brother even if he is just a pain in my ass. Why do I still love my lola even if she’s crazy. Why do I love my best friend even if she’s peculiar. Why do I still love my special someone even if he’s a little bit inexplicable?

Why can’t I stop loving for it’ll give me liberty? Why can’t I care for everybody without loving? Why do I love even if it gives me problems? Why do I cry whenever my heart aches? Why do I give unconditional love for nobody obliges me to. Why does love come unexpectedly?
Being inspired for love, having a baffling feeling from within. Don’t you just love it?

Don’t you just love that something, that is…………….


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Kalowee said...

love is such a wonderful feeling talaga! it makes you do things you dont normally do and its ayt if ur not used to doing it coz its all in the name of love. Napakasarap umibig. and being loved in return is another feeling beyond words. :)