Monday, July 29, 2013

Life As We Know It: Favorite Quotations Part I

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more comforting to me than when someone tells the truth about their life. Even when it’s f_cking difficult.  When they just go there, you know? Without the bullsh_t and without hiding behind a carefully crafted people-pleasing persona. When they stand up and say, “Listen, here’s what I’m going through. It’s not pretty, but it’s what’s happening.” And then they rip themselves open and share their truth. (
  • I think I should tell this one to myself. It’s really hard to lay your cards to the world and just expect people to understand it perfectly. I mean, who cares, right? I am always anxious to tell what I really feel about things because I was too afraid to show my weaknesses and I know that nobody really cares if I’m miserable. Well yeah.. whatever.

“Dear God, I’ve tried my best but if today I lose hope, please tell me that your plans are bigger than mine”
  • Faith.

I always pray to God that if ever I get too attached to something that's not meant for me, that God may detach me without making me suffer from separation anxiety.
  • My favorite prayer in the world. I would never surpass all the challenges without this. I believe that it’s a human nature to get attached to something too much but I also believe that always following thy heart will kill me eventually. Just saying.

"When you are kind to someone, you set in motion a chain of events that makes each life it touches a little bit better. One by one, that act of kindness is paid forward ... till one day it comes back to you multiplied."
  • When doing good to others brings you harm, do it anyway. Doing good does not always end up to charity, too much kindness is not applicable in real life.

Don’t get stuck.
  • Life doesn’t owe us anything. We need to accept the fact that sh_t happens sometimes. Acceptance/Healing, though, is a process – and we know it. We just need to deal with it, keep calm, and move on. Better said than done. C’est la vie.

Sometimes you grow out of people. And if you are overwhelmed with the same feeling of “Ugh, why are these people still talking about this tedious shit?” every time you sit down at the same bar with your same group of friends, it may be time to freshen up. It’s not a bad thing to have to trim down contact with certain people — or broaden your social horizons — but we are often convinced that if we feel the need to change things, there is something ultimately wrong with us. Obviously, if you are changing hangouts every two weeks out of a need to avoid people you once called friends, there is an issue. But if you just need to see some new faces (that aren’t 50 percent people you’ve already slept with) once in a while, that’s probably a pretty healthy move. – Thought Catalog
  • I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who’s gone solo from the groupies and explored more. This is normal, right?

“When you have worked as hard and done as much and strived and tried and given and plead and bargained and hoped - Surrender. When you have done all that you can do, and there is nothing left for you to do. Give it up. Give it up to that thing that is greater than yourself and let it then become a part of the flow.” – Oprah
  • This must be, by far, theee most emotional quotation I’ve ever read in my entire life. I just thought that when I was going through tough times in 2011, this quote lifted me up from the ground. 

 Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. (2 Corinthians 9:7)
  • Doing something you hate is like forcing a dead person to breathe. It will never work.

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he/she comes home and rests his/her head on his/her old, familiar pillow...
  • Travel is wealth.

There comes a point in life when you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything, but it’s not giving up.  It’s realizing you don’t need certain people and things and the drama they bring. (
  • We don’t control the world. We don’t control minds either. If some people we value chose to value something else, then f_ck it and let go.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not by words, but to live by them.
  • Happy people are the thankful ones. Happiness comes with contentment too. So yeah.. let’s try harder.

To be continued………


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malapit na...

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cge po. i'm waiting idol po kasi kita :) sinusubaybayan ko mga post dito. -yamateh

Anonymous said...

cge po. i'm waiting idol po kasi kita :) sinusubaybayan ko mga post dito. -yamateh

Anonymous said...

cge po. i'm waiting idol po kasi kita :) sinusubaybayan ko mga post dito. -yamateh

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wala pa din po ba update ate? -yamateh